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*An HCEA Sponsored Model Project* 1:10 Scale Otis Shovel

1:10 Scale Otis Shovel Model
1:10 Scale Otis Shovel Model
Item# 4280


1:10 Scale Otis Shovel Model

The most revolutionary machine model - now available for shipment!

This 1:10 Scale Otis Shovel Model was manufactured by TWH in the BIG IRON Collection(TM). Only 70 models were made and each model was individually serialized. Primary fabrication and assembly for this model was in the USA.

Functions: Swinging boom, extending/retracting dipper handle, function gear mechanisms, operational bucket trip, moveable levers/drums, and rolling wheels.

Height: 24 inches Length: 35 inches Width: 22 inches Weight: 35 lbs.

Due to its large size, this fully assembled model will be available for customer pick-up in Berea, OH or shipped worldwide via a commercial carrier.

This photo is a tooling mockup and does not represent the finished model. It will be in the correct color scheme for the Otis and be made with real oak and cast iron parts.

Order your historical icon today!

If you have further questions, please contact the HCEA office at (419)352-5616. Shipping not included. $1500.00 of purchase price will be a tax deductible donation.